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Private Medical Insurance
Private Medical Insurance, also known as Private Health Insurance, allows you to pay for private medical care. Some policies give you the option to choose when, where and by which specialist you are treated, in addition to comfortable private rooms if your treatment requires a hospital stay.
Key Features
  • Independent, whole of the market
  • Exclusive rates not available mainstream
  • Both UK and International
  • Group PMI for business owners and their employees
  • Best Doctors® Services included on some policies
Index Linked Policies
Policies which are adjusted according to the value of the retail price index.
Waiver of Premium
A clause in an insurance policy that waives the policyholders' obligation to pay any further premiums should they because seriously ill or disabled.
Whole of Life Policies
The main reason people take out whole-life cover is to help cut their tax bill, particularly inheritance tax (IHT). When someone dies, IHT is charged at 40 percent on all their assets worth more than £325,000. Some take out a whole of life policy and write it under a trust. Their beneficiaries receive a cash free lump sum from the policy, which they can use to pay the IHT bill.
Complex Case Specialists
Berkeley Private Wealth protection team specialise in difficult to place and declined life insurance cases for individuals and groups. These include medical conditions, large sum assured, hazardous hobbies and residence in conflict areas.
Guaranteed Over 50's Plans
  • No medical required.
  • Access to the whole market 
  • Exclusive rates not available to mainstream banks and financial institutions
Over 50s
Services and solutions for the over 50's, ensuring total peace of mind and security for your family at a stage in life where the emphasis should be on relaxation and enjoyment.



Why Use An Insurance Brokerage
When thinking of buying a life insurance policy, insurance brokerages find better cover at better prices. Which is why high net worth individuals, successful businesses and financially sophisticated individuals use insurance brokerages instead of mainstream comparison websites or going direct. If a life insurance policy is to protect a mortgage, the term usually runs for a substantial period of time; in the region of 25 years or more. Due to the long terms, the savings would be substantial. Many mistakenly believe that they will get better prices from life insurance companies by going direct or using price comparison sites. However, insurance companies offer discounts to life insurance brokerages in the same way hotels, airlines and car rental companies offer discounts to travel agents. As a result, insurance brokerages would get the same policy for a lot less.
Services Include
  • Life Insurance (Level Term, Decreasing Term, Mortgage Protection)
  • Complex case specialists (Previously Declined, Rated, Medical Conditions etc)
  • Whole of Life Policies
  • Accident, Sickness and Unemployment
  • Income Protection
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Index Linked Policies
  • Waiver of Premiums Option
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Over 50s
  • Car Insurance
Additional services included as standard on some of our policies
  • Best Doctors® Services 
  • RedArc Services
Best Doctors® access the best medical knowledge in the world to confirm your diagnosis and treatment options, reaching out to the global medical community on your behalf. Have your medical reports and scans reviewed in-depth by the world's best doctors. Fly out to get treatment from the best doctors globally, identified and recognised as the leading experts for specific medical conditions.
RedArc is an independent care advisory service providing a range of healthcare services.
Over 50s Life Insurance
  • Complex case specialists, if you have had life insurance declined or rated due to medical conditions, age; contact our specialist complex insurance team, who will negotiate with life insurance companies on your behalf.
  • Independent, whole of the market life insurance solutions.
  • Exclusive rates not available from banks or mainstream financial institutions.