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Berkeley Private Wealth is a highly specialised private wealth management firm based in Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London. Dedicated to providing personalised comprehensive, tailored and confidential wealth management services to High Net Worth, Sophisticated Individuals and Businesses.
At Berkeley Private Wealth, we challenge convention, our strategies are all-encompassing, our risk management processes are absolute; embedded in all functions and processes within our organisation. 
We embrace traditional business ethics and values, integrity, transparency and accountability. Our clients are typically high net worth individuals and successful businesses.
What Makes Us Different
We have a unique approach, we do not claim to do everything for everyone. Our relationships with our clients are based on trust, transparency and honesty. We have partnerships and funding lines with over 250 banks, private banks, family offices, funds and institutions, many of whom are not available directly to borrowers. The majority of private lenders prefer to deal with reputable intermediaries with whom they already have an established long-standing relationship. 

Our clients are not only high net worth individuals and corporations but also lending institutions such as bridging lenders and property development loan lenders. Our skill set places us in a position to finance lenders, one core area of our business is loan on loan facilities. This is fundamentally providing credit, debt and private equity facilities to private lending institutions.
We work with a number of bridging lenders, institutions and other alternative lenders to help finance their own businesses, the business of lending. To ensure they have sufficient capital to deploy and increase their lending capabilities. We secure credit and debt facilities and private equity lines to ensure our client's lending businesses are positioned for maximum growth, to increase their loan books. This positions our high net worth clients and their companies at a great advantage; as clients of Berkeley Private Wealth, you have the reassurance of knowing that we secure financing for private banks and other institutional lenders, the very institutions who may potentially lend on your own development projects. This differentiates us from the remaining wealth management companies on Berkeley Square in Mayfair, London.

Due to our specialism, we also provide a range of unique financing services including SBLCs and escrow financing based on a percentage of the funds held within an escrow account. Due to our experience in high net worth financing, we are accustom to dealing with complex finance scenarios.
Our modern approach to wealth management, our strong focus on risk management coupled with our traditional values of business ethics differentiates us. We offer the highest level of client service based on our strong principles.