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Corporate Escrow Finance
Managing risks is a priority in a globalised marketplace. Business transactions can be highly sophisticated and complex residing in multiple jurisdictions, with requirements that funds, securities and other assets are held in escrow until transactions are successfully completed. From a financing perspective, they require straightforward swift services delivered with a diligent approach. We have a specialist team specifically dedicated for this as time is usually of the essence, ensuring limited exposure whilst still maintaining maximum flexibility. There is no upper limit as the funding is dependent on the collateral, which can be real estate, bonds, stocks and other financial instruments.
Private Equity Finance
At Berkeley Private Wealth, we help fuel business growth in many areas, investing in R&D, entering new markets, refinancing and many more. There is a private equity solution for each of these areas. Our specialism however sits on the higher end of the spectrum, namely, expansion capital, private equity and IPO. 

Other Services


At Berkeley Private Wealth, we work closely with our private clients to understand their objectives and develop solutions unique to their individual needs. We have access to industry leading experts in all areas that we operate in, ensuring that our private clients requirements are handled diligently.
Services Include
  • Corporate Escrow Finance
  • Private Equity Finance
  • Loan on Loan Facility
  • Tax Solutions
Loan on Loan Facility
Loan on loan facilities help to grow loan books. We work with a number of bridging lenders, private banks, institutions and other alternative lenders to help finance their businesses. To ensure they have sufficient capital to deploy and increase their lending capabilities. We help in securing credit facilities and private equity lines to ensure our client's lending businesses are positioned for growth. Loan on loan facilities above the £35 million requirement tend to have more liquidity, we also work with lending institutions who aspire to reach this requirement within the next few years.
Tax Solutions
In today's complex world which is reliant on constantly changing tax regulations and requirements, it can be difficult to have the confidence and total peace of mind in relation to your tax affairs. At Berkeley Private Wealth, we understand the unique challenges our clients face in managing their wealth. Our tax solution specialist services offer experience, judgement and the capabilities required to better serve the sophisticated needs of high net worth individuals and families.
Suitable for both UK domiciled and non-domiciled individuals