Property Development Finance


Property development finance is a longer term financing option. Popular amongst property developers, small and medium enterprises as well as large corporate firms. Fully bespoke client-centered service. Finance solutions tailored to your particular development project, including projects that need funding in stages, conversions of commercial properties into residential, refinancing developments. Our specialist lenders cover the whole UK with no geographical restrictions. 
We have access to a comprehensive range of lenders covering the whole markets, not just banks, building societies and property funds but also specialist niche lenders, peer to peer lenders, private and institutional investors. We have been securing loans for our clients for many years and therefore have built and developed extensive relationships with senior underwriters and decision makers to ensure our clients loan requests are handled with extreme care and attention, in a timely manner. Partnerships and funding lines with over 250 banks, private funds and institutions, many of whom are not available directly to borrowers due to lender preference to deal with reputable high net worth intermediaries with whom they already have a relationship.
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Part Completed Development Project Finance
Bridging options are ideal for situations where a residential property development ​project has been delayed and as a result is running out of time with it's current development financing facility. This solution allows the developer to refinance their existing development finance facility and continue to draw down fund to complete the property project and gives them time to sell the completed properties upon completion of the development.
Working with many property developers on numerous property development projects, we understand that developers can encounter all kinds of problems that are out of their control. In most cases we can source short-term bridging finance to give them breathing space for up to 12 months whilst helping them secure longer term finance. We can also resolve cash flow issues for developers with part completed property development projects, where only a part of the properties are 'wind and water tight'.
This option is ideal for those who need to raise finance on a completed or near completed property development. It takes away the uncertainty of trying to refinance under pressure.
Mezzanine Finance
The most common use for this type of funding is when there is disparity between the equity and the amount that the main lender would lend. Usually secured lending having second charge over an asset. Therefore allowing the bank or lender to hold at first charge. From a property development project perspective, this type of funding is an important option as development projects rely on having a strong cash flow. Ensuring that there is good contribution levels can be essential to a development projects success. 
Joint Venture Finance (JV)
Facilitating up to 100% development finance for property developers. This enables property developers to earn from 40% to 50% of the profits without having to dip into their own pockets to fund the project. The percentage of profits would be dependent on the structure of the project management, whether you are appointing your own project manager or utalising our partners project management team.
The structures can vary but there are usually three stakeholders, the developer, land owner and the private equity investor forming a collaborative partnership. In some cases the landowner and the property developer may be the same. The structure tends to be under an SPV. This structure and financing option is suitable for development sites with or without planning, regeneration sites, build to sell as well as build to rent. 
Services Include
  • Purchases before converting commercial to residential
  • Developers who require more time before their exit strategy
  • Light to heavy refurbishments
  • Land with planning
  • Ground up developments
  • First time developers and experienced
  • Mezzanine finance
  • Draw down facilities
  • Senior debt
  • Stretched senior debt
  • Equity 
  • JV financing
  • Property development bridging options
  • Refinancing developments
Property development financing available for all types of projects from a single stand alone residential property to multiple site developments. Our approach in fully understanding our clients projects ensures that we source the best available funding available to them in a timely manner.
Ground-up Development Finance
Where the developer buys land and attains planning to construct properties on the site. Significant planning, an organised team of builders, architects and other tradesmen are required. The financing would need to be in place for a significant amount of time and the project itself typically would require more than one type of financing to complete.
Bespoke Development Finance
Utalised for complex and unusual circumstances with property development projects.
Land/Planning Bridge
Senior bridging loan facilities available for up to 18 months to experienced property developers across the whole of the UK, no geographical restrictions. Working with the developer to ensure that the facilities are available and confirmed once planning permission is granted. Our network of lenders support properties in nearly all asset classes providing loan facilities based on the site or property value factoring in consents and permissions.
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