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Berkeley Private Wealth has a global network of financial institutions, private banks and family offices. We work with large investment funds and experienced merchant bankers. Our main objective is to assist credible businesses and corporations source the required capital for growth and expansion, consolidation and inject substantial working capital. We are interested in proven successful businesses and unique concepts with highly driven and entrepreneurial people behind them who have a strong vision. Although sector agnostic, we like construction, biotech, pharmaceutical, renewable energy and have substantial experience in oil and gas project funding. Partnerships and funding lines with over 250 banks, family offices, private funds and institutions, many of whom are not available directly to borrowers coupled with lender preference to deal with reputable intermediaries with whom they already have an established relationship.
The proper capitalisation of a company created through newly sourced and redeployed capital allows for equity risk diversification, improved cash-flow and accelerates growth. A properly designed capital structure eliminates or reduces personal guarantees and associated risks. Cash-flow is improved by the elimination of high cost debt and excessive debt servicing requirements.
We arrange finance for clients operating in specialist niche areas, our client base ranges from large construction companies, prestigious high value hotels and resorts, renewable energy companies through to oil and gas companies. The financing requirements are more complex, the level of financing required is substantially more typically ranging from £10 million up to £2 billion.
Our most popular project funding sectors are: 
  • Oil & Gas 
  • Construction
  • Renewable Energy
  • Biotech & Pharmaceutical
  • Capital For Business Growth
We are open to projects in other sectors on a deal by deal basis, our team has substantial experience in attaining funds for credible projects and businesses, an initial consultation with us and full review would place us in the position of determining the value in us working on your project funding. This ensures no time is wasted by both parties.
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Berkeley Private Wealth are construction company finance specialists with access to both mainstream and private funds covering the whole market internationally. Our clients run highly successful construction companies often working on numerous projects at any one time on a global scale. The nature of the industry fundamentally means that materials, supplies and human resources are paid in advance, which can potentially put pressure on the cash-flow, preventing firms from attaining further projects and seizing growth opportunities. Our team has extensive experience working with numerous construction firms. Utalising our global funding network and partners, we have the capability to fund construction firms up to £2 billion.
We work with exceptional, highly successful construction company business owners, who have an established track record. The funding requirements are highly complex with multiple funding lines with many different lenders, both equity and debt funding is utalised on a secured and unsecured basis. Multi-national companies tend to have multiple funding channels from varies countries and therefore varies currencies. Our fundamental aim is in getting your construction company funded in the most efficient diligent manner by helping companies determine and achieve their financial and fund-raising aspirations through a comprehensive financial management process. We have a successful track record in getting construction companies financed, structuring cross-border facilities. We work with both UK and international construction companies.
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[ Oil & Gas Projects ]
We are open to oil and gas projects globally, as a company we believe in full transparency and therefore it is important to understand that there are certain countries which would be economically unviable due to a number of risk factors such as political risks, government risks etc. Our main areas of interest are:
  • Texas, USA
  • United Arab Emirates 
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Iran
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Africa (Location Dependent)
The minimum oil and gas projects funding requirement is £20 million. This is due to the amount of work involved, presentation reports detailing the technology being used in oil extraction, business plan, reserve reports, feasibility study, excel sheet projections.
Our team has extensive experience in this and therefore can assist with the required documents needed for successful funding. Funding requirement £20 million upwards. Initially all we require is a one page executive summary detailing the projects, an NDA is signed to protect both parties.
We would also expect the management teams behind the oil and gas projects to have experience within the oil and gas industry, trading history of 2+ years. 
Our fundamental aim is in getting your oil and gas projects funded in the most efficient diligent manner by helping companies determine and achieve their financial and fund-raising aspirations through a comprehensive financial management process. We have a successful track record in getting oil and gas projects financed structuring cross-border facilities both secured and unsecured.
[ Other Services ]
  • Revolving Credit Facilities - Enables construction companies to fully utalise all opportunities available to them by securing projects fast. The facility has the flexibility to drawdown, repay and redraw. In simplistic terms it is similar to an overdraft. It is used by many successful large construction companies to fund multiple projects, the facility is repaid upon exit; either sale of properties or refinance; funds are then available for redrawing on further projects. It is a facility that is also utalised by those purchasing large amounts of properties, HMOs etc; it enables the individual or company to move fast in securing lucrative opportunities.
  • (Joint Venture) JV - fully funding of development  projects for a 50/50 split of the profits.